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Adjust look. Add links.

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 .box_links p:hover
-    background-color: #4E5D85;
+    background-color: #F0F0F0;


         <span class="column_spacer"></span>
-        <span>
-            <span class="title">
-                Meetings
-            </span>
-            <span class="box">
-                <p><a href="/meetings/042213">April 22, 2013</a></p>
-            </span>
-        </span>
-        <span class="column_spacer"></span>
             <span class="title">


     <span class="box">
         <span class="box_title">Links</span>
         <span class="box_links">
+            <p><a href="">The Perl Programming Language</a></p>
+            <p><a href="">The Perl Foundation</a></p>
+            <p><a href="">Yet Another Perl Conference (YAPC) - NA</a></p>
+            <p><a href="">Yet Another Perl Conference (YAPC) - Europe</a></p>
+            <p><a href="">Yet Another Perl Conference (YAPC) - Asia</a></p>
+            <p><a href="">Get Perl</a></p>
+            <p><a href="">CPAN</a></p>
+            <p><a href="">Modern Perl</a></p>
+            p><a href="">Englightened Perl</a></p>
+            <p><a href="">Planet Perl Iron Man</a></p>
+            <p><a href="">Perl Weekly</a></p>
+            <p><a href="">Perl Monks</a></p>
+            <p><a href="">Perl Mongers</a></p>
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