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File beacon/README

+The intent of this project was to build a tool to pick up 
+coding errors in large FLOSS projects. It's got a ways to 
+go but I started working on it as a research project 
+while doing my M.S. in Software Engineering.

File hacktuts/README

+These folders contain "hacks" and "tutorials" on 
+various technologies. I've worked with quite a lot
+over the years and am still trying to capture all 
+of the documentation I've created during that time.
+TODO: Need to import the Git, Tomcat and Jenkins tuts.

File initscripts/README

+I've written a lot of init scripts, primarily adjusted
+to work with Red Hat Enterprise Linux system provided
+functions. I've obviously not captured everything I've
+written over the years.

File oncall/README

+A previous team used Microsoft Word to generate oncall
+schedules so I decided to change things and write a tool
+that uses fpdf to generate PDF schedules for the team
+through a web interface. I wanted it to also export to Excel.
+NOTE: Don't misconstrue the above with an affection for
+Excel and Word but that is what "management" uses...

File scripts/README

+A variety of scripts I've written over the years.

File trike/README

+This was the code I used for Masters Thesis in 
+the field of Software Engineering. The idea was 
+to create a SQL based tool for code inspection
+and static analysis. It works, but it requires,
+more effort than desired from the user. It could
+be a viable product one day.
 sql/ - Schema scripts.
 src/ - Source.