Portfolio / grublet / README

Thank you for choosing Grublet!

This is my first attempt at writing a library. Please send all of your 
feedback to <adam> at runbymany <dot> com. I've licensed this library as GPL 
v3 or later. I plan on being the only author for quite some time so if you 
would like to discuss this decision and the possibility of licensing it under 
another license then please use my e-mail address to contact me.

As of 09/06/11 the PunchFork API supports the following requests:

1) Recipe Search
2) Random Recipe
3) List of Publishers
4) Generate Search Index
5) Rate Limit Status

I will attempt to "keep up" with the changes to the PunchFork API but to obtain
timely information it is best to visit http://api.punchfork.com.

To use Grublet simply add this directory to your project and include the "Grublet.php" file in your code.

This library is an independent work and NOT SANCTIONED by PunchFork, Inc. or 
any of its affiliates.

PunchFork is Copyright 2011 by PunchFork, Inc.
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