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Notes on WildCard Certificates

So you think you need a wildcard certificate? Well they can be awesome because you can use one certificate for all hosts in a domain. But, be aware that you cannot use a wildcard for the subdomains of a domain.

Say you want a wildcard for Well when you generate your CSR make sure that when you are prompted for the "CommonName" you put * Then you can use the certificate for, and Then, let us say you want to use it for That will not work. Why? Becuase your wildcard is for the subdomain of and not for the subdomain. Just be aware of that when you think about using wildcard certificates.

When you are ready to install your certificate just download it from your registrar and save it as (not as * - it should work but the * can be unpleasant to deal with) then reference it like you would any other certificate in your Apache configuration file. The cool thing is it will work for tons of "ServerName" values.