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Dropper is a PHP wrapper around the Application Programming
Interface (API). A link to the API can be found at the end of this document. 
You can also get a copy of the API document using this API. The API as of 
01/17/13 is not fully operational. There are some methods yet to be implemented
on the part of Digital Ocean. Once they are implemented I hope they will reach
out to me to fix things in this library. 

You will need a CLIENT ID/KEY and an API KEY from before using
this library. Once you have those components you will need to create a 
settings.ini file in this directory and put them in that file. I've include an
example.ini for you to see what is required in terms of data/settings.

There are some "tests" (really examples) found in the test directory that might
help you. 

If you have questions please contact me at adam @t runbymany <dot> com . If you
want to contribute please submit a pull request. 

Thank you for reading this! and enjoy!