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The Guest Wireless Access Manager (GWAM) is intended to enable the help desk 
to generate guest wireless accounts in an easily traceable and efficient manner.  Most of the groundowork
for the project is complete.  This project houses the front-end code and the scripts used to generate the
backend.  The GWAM project utilizes standard javascript (through the Prototype Library), object oriented
PHP, and standard html and css markup.  The backend utilizes MySQL and the InnoDB engine.

Original Author: Adam M. Dutko
Date Published: 03/17/10
License: GPL v3 (or later)

Guest Network Sign On

Help Desk
*requires a web interface to get guest account names and passwords
*requires a web interface to reset guest account names and passwords
*requires a web interface with a basic user account system
*would be nice to have an “admin” role to adjust account information
*would be nice to have a “user” role to read account information

Cisco NAC
*authenticates against active directory (LDAP) to retrieve guest account information
*will authenticate against a new LDAP system with account information