1. Michael Sumerano
  2. Nop.Plugin.Shipping.SeeSharpShipUsps


SeeSharpShip USPS Plug-In for nopCommerce

This plug-in is a re-implementation of the USPS shipping plug-in for nopCommerce using the SeeSharpShip shipping library.

Installation in nopCommerce

  1. Download a pre-built version for your version of nopCommerce.
  2. Set aside your settings for the plugin (necessary until there is an in-place upgrade feature).
  3. Uninstall current version if there is already one installed from nopCommerce's admin.
  4. Copy the Shipping.SeeSharpShipUsps folder to your nopCommerce Plugins folder.
  5. Install the new version from nopCommerce's admin.
  6. Reconfigure module.

Contribution guidelines