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SeeSharpShip is a wrapper for popular U.S. based shipping service APIs like USPS, UPS, FedEx and DHL. Currently written in C#/.NET 4, it provides a much simpler interface to these APIs and hopefully makes your life easier integrating these services into your open-source projects.

Grab it from the Downloads page or install it via NuGet:

PM> Install-Package SeeSharpShip

More to come!

Version 0.1.7


  • Removed HTML decoding of shipping method names (#7) as USPS changed the API to return proper HTML encoded values.

Version 0.1.6


  • Added USPS Tracking API (#6)

Version 0.1.5

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed NuGet package to add transforms for Web.config or app.config with necessary service configurations.

Version 0.1.3


  • Documented a method used to correct decimal values in USPS's response XML.
  • Refactored WebRequest responsibility out of RateService and into its own class.
  • Added service references for UPS, FedEx Package, and FedEx Freight in preparation of coding to those services.
  • Added an additional 'staging' URL for when USPS makes short-notice changes or are releasing a new verison of the API.
  • Moved a portion of the app.config for tests to external config file and included an example config.
  • Removed regions around some InternationalPackage properties. The properties are the same, but the order in the domestic/international request is different, so they cannot inherit from a base class.
  • Added some fluent builders for domestic USPS requests.
  • Cleaned up some comments in tests.
  • Removed unnecessary references in preparation for creation of NuGet package.
  • Published a NuGet package:

Version 0.1.2

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed ZIP code length issue as USPS API requires ZIP code to be no more than 5 digits (#1 #5)
  • Fixed configuration for integration tests so that app.config can be used (cb9b7a669f1c )
  • Fixed two code analysis issues where objects could be disposed twice (#3 #4)

Version 0.1.1


  • USPS API implemented (domestic and international)
  • USPS model classes enforce the rules/limitations of the API and/or rating service to ensure values submitted for rates are correct


  • USPS Global Express Guaranteed (GXG) not fully implemented
  • UPS, FedEx, DHL not implemented yet. Slated for v1.0.