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Project info

Author: Kosei Kitahara <>
Project host:


 * get and set path to cURL (no need SSL)
   if windows, put curl.exe to vim home directory
 * get md5.vim plugin and put vim plugin directory
 * put rtm.vim to vim plugin directory


 * get ur RTM (Non-commercial use) API key and shared secret
 * set .vimrc file
  * `let rtm_api_key='<ur api key>'`
  * `let rtm_shared_secret='<ur shared secret>'`
 * get allow api access url via `:RTM -a` command
 * allow api access
 * get token via: `:RTM -t` command
 * token put .vimrc file
  * `let rtm_token='<ur token>'`


Add Task

 * add current line to task
   `:C[RTM] -a` command
 * add current buffer to task
   `:B[RTM] -a` command


 * set tag, location, priority to task
 * complete task
 * delete task

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