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Mumble-django -- A murmur config application

mumble-django is a Django web interface application that configures a
Murmur server. It is able to create and remove vservers, start/stop them,
and configure them.

Furthermore, registered Django users can sign up for user accounts on the
configured vservers and change their registration names and passwords.

This package contains a fully functional Django project that runs as a
standalone web application. Use this if you do not have a Django-driven
website that you could integrate mumble-django in.

The main Mumble application is a complete reusable Module of its own, so
integrating it in your own Django project is fairly easy if you're familiar
with the way Django works. To do this, you will need the following
* pyweb/mumble:    The main application code
* template/mumble: The templates
* htdocs/mumble:   Static content like images and CSS for the Channel Viewer

For installation instructions, see the file "INSTALL" in this