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SourceMod Extension: dbus-client

This is a SourceMod extension that provides DBus connectivity to PAWN plugins through a set of natives.

If you want to execute a Method call over DBus, you need to do the following steps:

  1. Connect to DBus (DBusConnect).
  2. Start a Method call message (DBusStartMethodCall).
  3. Add any arguments to the message that you want to pass to the called function (DBusAppendArg<Datatype>).
  4. Execute the method call (DBusCall<ReplyType>).
  5. Fetch any values the method may return (DBusGetArg<Datatype>).
  6. Destroy the object, disconnecting from DBus.

For an example how to do this, see the example PAWN script.

Status of this extension

This extension is yet experimental and not ready for production use. Threaded Method calls do not work currently, and only DBusCallWithReply and DBusCallNoReply can be used. Intended Audience are currently Developers.