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Issue #5 resolved

module_parties.py loading capabilities

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  1. Swyter reporter
    • Temporal hack to hide most part of the label cloud until I find a way of manage the opacity and size. See #5.
    • Switched to a more simpler blending mode that allows me to control opacity.
    • I was computing scalars in the ugly, wrong way. Text engine scaling done. See #2.
    • .5x smaller party labels


  2. Swyter reporter
    • Changed the party parser to check for capital cities. See #5
    • Scale the location label depending on the kind of setttlement
    • I forgot to fix the preshift too. That's why I was getting some strange positionment with the J's and G's. See #2.
    • Don't parse parties that don't use labels, like bridges and other decorative stuff, for the moment.


  3. Swyter reporter
    • Made the sidelog a bit more pretty and unobstrusive... Move blending modes to their own sections. See #5
    • Started to experiment how to get the initial z positions from the map. There must be an easier way to do this.


  4. Swyter reporter
    • Just saw the light from above, the right choice is to substract to a fair constant. Fast and elegant! Rounding is slow, ineficient and expensive.

    This aproximates the height to a close enough vertex, without raytracing. See #5


  5. Swyter reporter
    • General cleanup and implemented module_party.py saving. See #5. Victory is one step ahead!

    <f9> saves to the module_parties.py file <f10> in theory reloads the party data, but isn't doing anything useful for now


  6. Swyter reporter
    • Fixed my previous attempt that included all the heavy lifting. :: Re-ordered to get unprojection from the map only (before drawing the markers) :: Do the color coded redraw in the framebuffer, not in the render code. Clear the whole thing without swapping. :: Fog and light aren't resetted :: Solidify the "viewable markers" for good measure. See #5.


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