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[your mount&blade sceneobj ex/importer of choice]

Tell me more

Me, a modder guy called Swyter made these small apps that wrap around all the complexity of the scoUtils lib. Use this to convert back and forth between the Mount&Blade scenes format and your conventional image format of choice.

This app supports a good bunch of commonly used file types, like: * PNG (8-bit) * TGA * BMP * JPG(not recommended)

Also imports in: * PSD * ...

How to use them

Well, just use the compiled programs and drop over the SCO file, it will do all the hard stuff for you. Detecting the file, loading it and exporting it into a cute image in the same folder, with a similar nomemclature.

Credits and Acknowledgements

I would like to thank cmpxchg8b for the original doc and implementation. Disgrntld packed it into a header and sparkled the interest on this.

Uses stb_image/_write, by Sean Barrett and contributors. Under the public domain.