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*i've been documenting myself, added some laa info, interesting
*binary with tiny dos stub patch

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+laa in pe images
+verify magic [MZ]
+goto(base+0x3C) --pe header pointer location
+peheader=read(as 16bit unsigned int, two octets) --read pointer address
+goto(base+peheader) --now you're on the real header
+verify magic [PE 00]  -- not counting seek+4
+goto(base+peheader+0x4+0x12) --head over the characteristics bitfield
+                   ^magic,^offset
+characteristics=read(as 16 bit unsigned int, two octets)
+that's it. Now you've the bitfield.
+check w/AND or add w/OR using the following flag.
+save, you're good to go.

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