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swconquest / FAQ

Here are some of the most common questions we receive about the mod:

I keep getting Unable to open file: CommonRes\costumes_a.brf. Annoying!
You're trying to run our mod on Warband. It's logical because it wasn't meant to.
For what game is this mod?
Mount&Blade 1.011, the latest version of the original one. The one that came out in late 2008-2009.
Does it work with the trial version?
Totally, the trial version distributed on the Internet is the full game. That can be activated anytime with a key.
As happens with Native, the only limitation is a cap on level 7.
When will the Warband version be out?
We've not started to port, but estimating roughly... Fall 2012...
It's a ballpark date, don't take it much seriously, we've missed the mark before.
I'm having some Unable to lock/restore vertex buffer messages, with occasional crashes to desktop. Any solution?
This is related to how the game fills up the graphics card memory. It's pretty bad engineered and even happens on high-profile rigs.
We're working towards reducing them by optimizing our assets in the latest version.
If you are experiencing these symptoms then see the question below.
Do you have any special recommendation for improving the performance?
Of course, there are some proof-tested techniques that have helped our players along the years.
  • We really recommend the Enhanced Version (downloadable here, here and here), that is the latest release of the original game, people have reported that runs smoother and surely less crash prone. Plus, it's DRM free!
  • Force the game to use more than 2GiB of RAM by patching it enabling Large Address Aware.
    Use this program to patch mount&blade.exe, the game executable.
  • Take a look to the graphic options in the launcher and test different configurations. Don't fear, there's a reset button.
I keep getting Unable to open texture file Textures\ messages at loading. How come?
TLD stands for The Last Days, which is the Lord of the Rings mod you have installed there.
There are some particularities in that mod which forces it to replace common assets of the game, which are used by the rest of modules too!

That means that once you've installed it it makes it essentially impossible to play it with any other mod, Native included. Nice, you say, we know well.
Even if isn't a problem from Star Wars Conquest, we'll be giving you some solutions as our new players have been having this issue a lot.

  • The easiest way is to uninstall the game and delete the entire folder. Or, if you are using Steam, Verify Integrity of Game Cache, wait so it reverts the modified files, and you'll be able to play without problem.
  • You can fix it by playing TLD in a separate, parallel installation of Mount&Blade, used exclusively for that mod.
  • Uninstall it completely or keep a backup of those files and revert them back when you want to play other mods apart of The Last Days.
    As you can see there are multiple options and there isn't a unique way of doing it.

    For support and questions ask to The Last Days developers and community. As this hardly has anything to do with us:
    Nag them on their forums and their ModDB profile.