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LipidHunter2 is ready for beta test

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Special Feature for TG & DG

  • ID based both on FA neutral losses & fragments
  • Accurate ID of isomeric species
  • Correction for all identified FA
  • Correction for the fragment intensity of multiply identified FAs
  • Check for cross-contamination signals e.g. PL fragments

Other Major Feature Updates

  • Multiprocessing
  • Batch mode
  • 10 times faster processing speed
  • Command line mode
  • KNIME workflow integration
  • Multiple vendor support
  • Improved output style
  • Simplified configuration
  • View run parameters in report

LipidHunter instructions (source code version)

This repository contains only the original version of LipidHunter


This repository contains the source code of LipidHunter.

LipidHunter Windows .exe executable version can be found here

Please read the following instructions before you start to run LipidHunter.


How to install LipidHunter from source code


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