TCU Child Theme Starter Kit

This is the TCU Child Theme Starter kit to start building WordPress themes for TCU. This starter kit comes bundled with Gulp, LibSass, Babel, PostCSS, BrowserSync, WordPress Coding Standards, and PHP Code Sniffer.

Getting Started

To get started you will need basic knowledge of the command line. Go to our Getting Started page and follow the directions.



Make sure you update file paths in functions.php. Update the text_domain, and theme_slug in phpcs.xml. In Gulpfile.js you will need to update paths that correspond to your file structure.

Start your project

Assuming that the Gulp CLI has been installed and that the project has already been configured with a package.json and a Gulpfile.js, it's very easy to start working with Gulp:

- Change to the project's root directory.
- Install project dependencies with `npm install`.
- Run Gulp with `gulp watch` or `gulp`.