Robert Brewer committed 330702e

Some buglets.

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     nodelay = True
     """If True (the default since 3.1), sets the TCP_NODELAY socket option."""
-    wsgi_version = (1, 1)
+    wsgi_version = (1, 0)
     """The WSGI version tuple to use with the builtin WSGI server.
     The provided options are (1, 0) [which includes support for PEP 3333,
     which declares it covers WSGI version 1.0.1 but still mandates the


         if chunk:
             return chunk
-            self.input.close()
+            if hasattr(self.input, 'close'):
+                self.input.close()
             raise StopIteration()
     next = __next__


         root = Dummy()
         root.load_tut_module = load_tut_module
-    setup_server = staticmethod(setup_server)
+    setup_server = classmethod(setup_server)
     def test01HelloWorld(self):
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