Robert Brewer avatar Robert Brewer committed 82c586b

Fix for #952 (on multiple proxies getting multiple base urls) for 3.0, 3.1, 3.2 (trunk and python3).

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         if debug:
             cherrypy.log('Testing local %r:%r' % (local, lbase), 'TOOLS.PROXY')
         if lbase is not None:
-            base = lbase
+            base = lbase.split(',')[0]
     if not base:
         port = request.local.port
         if port == 80:


         self.assertHeader('Location', "http://www.example.test/dummy")
         self.getPage("/", headers=[('X-Forwarded-Host', 'www.example.test')])
         self.assertHeader('Location', "%s://www.example.test/dummy" % self.scheme)
+        # Test multiple X-Forwarded-Host headers
+        self.getPage("/", headers=[
+            ('X-Forwarded-Host', 'http://www.example.test, www.cherrypy.test'),
+            ])
+        self.assertHeader('Location', "http://www.example.test/dummy")
         # Test X-Forwarded-For (Apache2)
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