Example Visual Studio project using Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF) in a Microsoft Foundation Class (MFC) application.

The key concept of project is using the MFC messaging system to pass variable between CEF and MFC.

Steps to compile project:

  1. Set a Windows Environment Variable "CEF_PATH" to the path for the CEF folder. For example if the path to the CEF binary is "C:\CEF\cef_binary_3.1650.1562_windows32" set the variable as follows.

CEF_PATH C:\CEF\cef_binary_3.1650.1562_windows32

  1. Add the CEF project "libcef_dll_wrapper" found in the CEF folder to the CEFMFC project.

  2. You may need to change the "libcef_dll_wrapper" from 64 bit to 32 bit to match the CEFMFC project for both the Debug and Release configurations.