Celsus was designed to be simple in order to avoid unnecessary file corruption and user database problems. Simply put, Celsus takes a PDF document and copies it to a web or FTP server, and then sends an email with a link to retrieve the document. Celsus is driven by a MySQL database with an interactive request and delivery web site and Windows based staff application. Developed with the input of the University of Minnesota Libraries for use in their InfoNOW service, Celsus 2 provides a robust yet intuitive Electronic Document Delivery system. Celsus is several applications in one. It can be used for electronic document delivery via a web server, electronic document delivery via email file attachments, or electronic document delivery via an FTP server.

What is needed to run Celsus

In order to run Celsus you will need a scanner capable of outputting PDF type files. The scanner can be a flatbed scanner connected to a computer, or a copier that can output PDF type files to a network share. You will also need a Web server with MySQL, Email server, and optional FTP server. To simplify processing, the Web server should be on the same network as the computer that will be running Celsus with a folder shared on the network. The shared folder is used by Celsus to copy the files directly to the Web server into folders based on the email address of the recipient.

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