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use modprobe directly
arch-modules-load isn't needed now, remove it

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File Makefile

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 	install -m755 -t $(DESTDIR)/etc/rc.d hwclock network netfs
 	install -m755 -t $(DESTDIR)/usr/sbin rc.d
 	install -m644 -t $(DESTDIR)/usr/share/man/man5 rc.conf.5
-	install -m644 -t $(DESTDIR)/usr/share/man/man8 rc.d.8 arch-modules-load.8 arch-daemons.8
+	install -m644 -t $(DESTDIR)/usr/share/man/man8 rc.d.8 arch-daemons.8
 	install -m755 -t $(DESTDIR)/usr/lib/systemd/system-generators arch-daemons
-	install -m755 -t $(DESTDIR)/usr/lib/systemd arch-modules-load
 	install -m644 -t $(DESTDIR)/usr/lib/systemd/system rc-local.service rc-local-shutdown.service arch-daemons.target
 	install -m644 tmpfiles.conf $(DESTDIR)/usr/lib/tmpfiles.d/initscripts.conf
 	install -m644 -T bash-completion $(DESTDIR)/usr/share/bash-completion/completions/rc.d
 %.8: %.8.txt
 	a2x -d manpage -f manpage $<
-doc: rc.conf.5 rc.d.8 arch-modules-load.8 arch-daemons.8
+doc: rc.conf.5 rc.d.8 arch-daemons.8
-	rm -f rc.conf.5 rc.d.8 arch-modules-load.8 arch-daemons.8
+	rm -f rc.conf.5 rc.d.8 arch-daemons.8
 	git archive HEAD --prefix=initscripts-$(VER)/ | xz > initscripts-$(VER).tar.xz

File arch-modules-load

-# /usr/lib/systemd/arch-modules-load
-. /etc/rc.conf
-# generate list of modules to be loaded by systemd-module-load in /run/modules-load.d/
-if [[ $MODULES ]]; then
-	mkdir /run/modules-load.d
-	echo "# Autogenerated by /usr/lib/systemd/arch-modules-load" > /run/modules-load.d/rc.conf
-	printf '%s\n' "${MODULES[@]}" >> /run/modules-load.d/rc.conf
-# vim: set noet ts=2 sw=2:

File arch-modules-load.8.txt

-vim:set ts=4 sw=4 syntax=asciidoc noet:
-arch-modules-load - Compatibility layer for rc.conf's MODULES array
-Parses the MODULES array from rc.conf at early boot and passes on the list of modules to load to
-arch-modules-load is only used by initscripts, and systemd-modules-load is used the same by both
-initscripts and systemd.
-Note: this is meant as a compatibility layer only for the purposes of easing users' transition from
-the old rc.conf syntax to the new systemd syntax. You are strongly encouraged to not rely on this,
-but rather use the native modules-load.d configuration format.
-rc.conf(5), systemd-modules-load(8), modules-load.d(5)
-Written by Tom Gundersen.

File functions

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-load_modules() {
-	local rc=0
-	if [[ $MODULES ]]; then
-		print_depr "MODULES=" "rc.conf(5) and modules-load.d(5)"
-		/usr/lib/systemd/arch-modules-load
-		rc=$?
-	fi
-	/usr/lib/systemd/systemd-modules-load
-	(( rc+=$? ))
-	return $rc
 # Start/trigger udev, load MODULES, and settle udev
 udevd_modprobe() {
 	# $1 = where we are being called from.
 	# Load modules from the MODULES array and modules-load.d
-	status "Loading user-specified modules" load_modules
+	#status "Loading user-specified modules" load_modules
+	(( ${#MODULES[*]} )) &&
+                status "Loading User-specified Modules" modprobe -ab "${MODULES[@]}"
 	status "Waiting for udev uevents to be processed" \
 		udevadm settle