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initscripts-fork / ChangeLog

Version 2013.10.2:

  * Fixed git fatal message during build.
  * Restored systemd related stuff.

Version 2013.10.1:

  * Migrating to /usr/bin. Thank to Maxim Devaev.
  * Due to changes in mkinitcpio 0.15 the support of /run/initramfs/root-fsck
  and automatic remounting to read-only has been removed. Now root fs is checked only
  when it is already mounted to ro.

  * arch-tmpfiles: Added ability to specify which *.conf files should be
  * arch-tmpfiles: Implemented support of clean action and of Age parameter.
  Thank to Connor Behan.
  * arch-tmpfiles: Implemented support of exclude list. Thank to Connor Behan.
  * arch-tmpfiles: A bit more readable warnings.
  * arch-tmpfiles: Small optimization and code cleanup.
  * arch-tmpfiles: Fixed handling of empty and "dashed" parameters.
  * arch-tmpfiles: Fixed wrong behavior of z and Z actions when mode/owner
  parameters contains '-'.
  * arch-modules: Fixed FAIL message when modules-load.d dirs are empty.
  * arch-sysctl was replaced with 'sysctl --system'.

  * Updated description of available hooks. Thank to Connor Behan.
  * Added status messages for sysctl and arch-binfmt calls during systemd
  * Added warning about missed daemon scripts.
  * More informative warning about starting of a daemon by other daemon. Thank
  to Connor Behan.
  * Fixed modprobe fail when MODULES contains blacklisted items only.
  * Removed arch-daemons and all systemd targets and services.

Version 2012.12.1 (since 2012.10.1):

  * Now system utils/daemons are called directly, without using of systemd
  * Added support of udev-fork and eudev.

  * Restored localization, modules, hostname and network_persist settings in
  default rc.conf.
  * Restored ability to blacklist a kernel module via rc.conf.
  * Updated rc.conf(5) man page.
  * Removed "settingname is deprecated" warning for HOSTNAME, HARDWARECLOCK and
  TIMEZONE settings.
  * Systemd configs (such as login.conf) are used only if the corresponding
  settings in rc.conf is empty/commented.

  * Restored arch-tmpfiles, arch-modules, arch-sysctl and arch-binfmt helper

  * Removed redundant binfmt_misc mounting.