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introduce symbol versions
libudev: add (useless for now) public hwdb API
Martin Pitt
keymap: Add Samsung 700T https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=879691
udev: fix typo
Alessandro Crismani
keymap: Update the list of Samsung Series 9 models Currently, keymaps are provided only for the NP90X3A laptop. Samsung introduced updated models, codenamed 900X3B, 900X3C, 900X4B, 900X4C, which are currently not matched by udev rules. This patch includes the newer modules in udev rules and move the samsung-n90x3a file defining keys to a more generic samsung-series-9 file. The patch was tested on a 900X4C laptop, and other people reported that th…
Hannes Reinecke
udev: path_id - handle Hyper-V devices Hyper-V has an abstract bus, which gets renumbered on guest startup. So instead of the bus numbers we should be using the device GUIDs, which can be retrieved from the 'device_id' sysfs attribute.
Tom Gundersen
build-sys: make loadable module support optional kmod is unecessary if loadable module support is disabled in the kernel, so make the dependency optional.
udev: firmware - disable firmware loading when firmware file is 0 byte If firmware file is not found in the file system, udev terminates firmware loading. This is not the case if firmware file exists in the file system but doesn't have any data in it.
udev: fix e834aacd96ec1b62bffeb44e3dcd080c55d8d508, forgot about one line
Anders Olofsson
udev: make blkid optional I'm building systemd for an embedded system and we would prefer not having to include the entire util-linux package just to get a libblkid whose functionality we don't need.
udev: make udev_event_execute_rules() visible
Kay Sievers
udev: properly handle symlink removal by 'change' event If a 'change' event is supposed to remove created symlinks, we create a new device structure from the sysfs device and fill it with the list of links, to compute the delta of the old and new list of links to apply. If the device is already 'remove'd by the kernel though, udev fails to create the device structure, so the links are not removed properly. > From: Neil Brown <nfbrown@suse.com> > Date:…
libudev: avoid leak during realloc failure
.gitignore: tags
Martin Pitt
keymap: Add HP EliteBook 8440p Thanks to Glen Ditchfield <gjditchfield@acm.org>! https://launchpad.net/bugs/1071579
Tony Camuso
rules: Remove HP iLO from USB HID PM rules HP iLO fw versions below 1.50 incorrectly report that HP iLO virtual Kbd/Mouse supports remote wakeup. With the rules change in commit 3bfc7a97b1824fcdfb738617d9a5450a20a22a0f, the HP iLO was listed for power control. In iLO fw versions less than 1.50, the iLO Kbd/Mouse become unresponsive once they are suspended. HP iLO fw versions 1.50+ correctly report that they don't support remote wakeup, wh…
version 195
Martin Pitt
keymap: Tolerate invalid entries in keymaps Some keymaps apply to a large range of computer models, not all of which have all of the scan codes in the maps. If a single scan code is invalid, do not abort but continue with the next entry in the map. Instead just show the error message for that particular scan code, to help with debugging.
Martin Pitt
keymap: Fix parsing of hex scan codes in tables Commit b1f87c76b1 changed sscanf from %i to %u, as scan codes are unsigned numbers which can be > 0x7FFFFFFF. However, sscanf doesn't accept hexadecimal numbers for %u. It works fine with %i, so revert this back.
license files moved
Sebastian Ott
udev: path_id - add scm support Add support for scm block devices. Introduced here: http://git.kernel.org/?p=linux/kernel/git/torvalds/linux.git;a=commitdiff;h=f30664e2 Signed-off-by: Sebastian Ott <sebott@linux.vnet.ibm.com>
Martin Pitt
rules: Fix persistent input symlinks for interface 00 Commits 5e9eb156c and 32567f8 introduced persistent symlinks for input devices with more than one interface. However, this does not ensure stability for the "default" interface, i. e. with interface number 00 or a nonexisting one. If a device with a higher interface number appears first, it'll claim the symlink name without an interface number, and the "interface 00" device won't get any. Fix thi…
udevd: fix compilation errors
Martin Pitt
keymap: Fix scan codes > 0x7FFFFFFF According to Linux drivers/input/evdev.c, scan codes are unsigned, not int nor uint32_t. Thanks to Dejan Tosovic <dejan@post.com> for reporting this!
README update
soname bump
Kay Sievers
udev: allow firmware requests to bypass the dependency tracking The removal of the TIMEOUT= handling in udevd put firmware requests into the devpath parent/child dependency tracking. Drivers which block in module_init() asking userspace for firmware ran into a 30 sec device timeout. The whole firmware loading willl hopefully move into the kernel and the fragile-since-day-one fake async driver-core device dance involving udev can be retired: http://git.kerne…
Robert Milasan
udev: collect - use snprintf()
udev: add /docs/Doxyfile in .gitignore (also sort .gitignore)
Lukas Nykryn
udev: free fd before return in accelerometer.c
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