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Filename Size Date modified Message
Ablicht → ../Ablicht [4ceda4f45e5b]
ArcUnpack → ../arcunpack [8498efed0b14]
ColladaIO → ../ColladaIO [c7a72de03d30]
MeshView → ../MeshView [9c2dc1666d07]
MeshViewer → ../MeshViewer [0dad140c2828]
ModMerge → ../ModMerge [4a6d3c496485]
OOTK → ../OOTK [ab652b037610]
ObjIO → ../meshview-objio [7fe00af50e3e]
TQ Animation Cropper → ../tq-animation-cropper [f8b5eb3d4daa]
TQ Grid Extractor → ../tq-grid-extractor [a545cbf3e306]
TQ.Animation → ../tq.animation [da08b9da967e]
TQ.ArcLib → ../tq.arclib [425c48502073]
TQ.ArcUtils → ../tq.arcutils [5f4baba458ed]
TQ.ArzLib → ../tq.arzlib [44d0022a50b3]
TQ.ArzUtils → ../tq.arzutils [ab370490364e]
TQ.Mesh → ../tq.mesh [fcda1fdd00dc]
TQ.Mesh.Protobuf → ../TQ.Mesh.Protobuf [b10ff2caef60]
TQ.Texture → ../tq.texture [16ddb61e5598]
TQ.Texture.Extract → ../tq.texture.extract [e2626a3067ba]
51 B
Changed protobuf-net reference of TQ.Mesh.Protobuf to NuGet package
559 B
Replaced XNALoader with Ablicht
998 B
Removed PDBs from release builds
23.1 KB
Some behind-the-scenes fixes, deactivated (broken) animation support in MeshView