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B9 Aerospace FAQ

I run out memory

Blame Squad :P


Seriously now, here's something you can try:

  • Install Active Texture Management
  • Run KSP with the -force-opengl argument
  • Delete the B9_Aerospace_DEPRECATED folder, if you're already converted all the crafts that would open properly.
  • Delete the parts you don't need. Its a big pack, don't be shy to push that delete button.

Do I need this B9_Aerospace_DEPRECATED folder?


R5 breaks some crafts/saves made with R4, but not all of them.

The ModuleManager file in that directory creates dupe parts with the old names so you can rebuild your planes.

When you're done with that, or if you don't need it, get rid of it.

The stock planes don't fly very well

Use FAR or NEAR aerodynamics mods. We are dropping support for the stock aerodynamic model now - all sample crafts provided with the mod are guaranteed to fly ONLY if you are using ferram4 mods, as balancing anything against awful stock "aerodynamics" amounts to torture with some designs.

Those of you who prefer not to use ferram4 mods are on your own now - the parts, of course, still have stock compatible values, but we give no guarantees they will be balanced for practical use in stock.

Playability with FAR/NEAR is the priority.

Why are there no HX decouplers?

Because docking nodes also work as decouplers.

My planes always want to turn left/right

KSP Bug. Please vote for issue #290 on the KSP bug tracker.

SABREs don't produce power when in ClosedCycle mode

KSP Bug. Please vote for issue #3001 on the KSP bug tracker.

It doesn't work with KSP Win64

Win64 KSP is not supported.

Some people manage to make it work, but it might as well be a roll of the dice, and since nobody has any idea why it crashes so much, if you run X64 you're on your own.

Do I really need all these plugins?

Short answer: Yes

Long answer: Depends on what parts you want to use. If you delete all the parts that use a plugin, you can get rid of it.

This is not supported, we won't help you, read the .cfgs, learn to grep, never ask us about it, absolutely never complain about things not working right when you do this.

Its frankly insulting to come to us with the assumption we add things without good reason, so you're on your own.

Other issues

Please read this thread first

Please check that it still occurs if:

  • You run KSP 32-bit - currently, version 0.24.2
  • There are no mods other than B9
  • All the plugins included in B9 are installed

If so, please try the items under I run out memory up top.

If it still occurs make an issue.

Try to provide as much detail as possible - logs, example craft, reproduction steps.

"Its not working" or "Everything is broken" are not a good bug reports and will probably be met with derision and scorn. We'll hire small children to boo you in the street.