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B9 Aerospace / Multi_Function_Display_Manual

Multi Function Display Manual

The Multi Function Display ("MFD") included in B9 is based on the "Super Hyomoto" version of the RPM monitors with influences from a mix of Kerbal Space Program RPM monitors and real MFDs/PFDs.

It has been custom designed to be easy to use with as little unlabeled navigation as possible and controls labeled where possible, on the menu leading to that page if not.

Lets go down the buttons first

Main Page

Global Buttons

The top row of buttons and the Standby (STBY), HOME and BACK buttons all serve the same function on all pages for consistency.

  • FLT: Flight displays menu
  • NAV: Navigation menu
  • INFO: Information menu
  • CAM: Camera menu
  • TGT: Target menu

  • STBY: Turns the display off

  • BACK: Goes to parent menu/page (Zoom out on Camera menu)
  • HOME: Returns you to the Main page (Reset pan on Camera menu)

Context sensitive buttons

These buttons do different things depending on the page displayed, here are some examples of their use

  • LEFT: Pan camera left
  • RIGHT: Pan camera right
  • UP: Pan camera up, move cursor up in a menu (like target, mechjeb vessel view)
  • DOWN: Pan camera down, move cursor down in a menu (like target, mechjeb vessel view)
  • ENTER: Re-center camera to reset panning, make section in a menu (like target, mechjeb vessel view)

  • NEXT: next page, next camera

  • PREV: Previous page, previous camera

  • Sub menu 1-7 Select one of several pages per menu

Now lets cover the menus and their contents

Main Menu

Main Page

Default page for the MFD

FLT: Flight displays menu


A menu with a selection of flight displays, some of which are rendered over cameras (optional on all of them)

PFD: Primary Flight Display (Navball style display)


Your standard PFD with a nav ball layout with the expected prograde+/-, target+/- normal'/- markers.

Contains 2 sub-styles toggled by hitting the sub-menu button again.

APFD: Avionic/Aeronautical Primary Flight Display




The pride of the Tetragon software engineers that worked on it, a primary flight display tailored for use in plane cockpits, complete with multiple camera views to choose from or artificial horizon, hit next/prev to toggle flight, landing or artificial horizon mode.

Flight has a narrower camera view for long range clearity, landing has a wider view for landing situational awareness and is angled down a bit.

Artificial horizon is clearer in the dark or adverse conditions.

ORB: Orbit



Orbit display, shows which body your vessel is orbiting and any other vessels around the same body, shows your Apoapsis, Perapsis, Inclination and Eccentricity.

Also shows manouver node information that helps you execute planned burns.

Push the button again to toggle layout.

TOF: Takeoff Assistant


Shows information relevant while taking off with a plane or rocket over a forward camera view.

Prev/Next to cycle cameras including 2 internal and 10 external, Left/Right/Up/Down to pan, Enter to re-center

LND: Landing Assistant


Shows information relevant while landing a plane or rocket over a forward camera view.

Prev/Next to cycle cameras including 2 internal and 10 external, Left/Right/Up/Down to pan, Enter to re-center

NAV: Navigation menu


Menu featuring navigation related pages



Optional page featuring a ScanSAT map if the plugin is installed.

Greatly helps with terrestrial navigation.

Forum thread:!

Download (Github):

HSI: NavInstruments


Optional page featuring a Instrument Landing System and Horizontal Situation Indicator (ILS, HSI) provides a very useful instrument that guides you on approach while landing, points the way to your selected runway and helps you line up on the approach.

Left/Right to switch selected runway, Up/Down to change selected glideslope.

Forum thread:

INFO: Information menu


Information related pages

RES: Resources Information




Resource displays, navigate them using Next/Prev (Helper/Total shown bottom right) and Up/Down (Pages, shown top right)

MISN: Mission Information



Contains information regarding your current mission, current date, time since launch, crew, press Up/Down to read the log (same as F3 one).

ALT: Altitude Graph


A graph of your radar altitude and altitude over the ocean.

ATMO: Atmosphere



A somewhat WIP page made by jadebenn, shows information about your atmospheric depth, dynamic pressure altitude various speeds, useful for high altitude flying and SSTOs.

Background gradient and orange bottom moves to indicate where your vessel (orange arrow in the center) is releative in the atmosphere.

DESC: Vessel Description


Your vessel description as set in the VAB/SPH, useful to store action group assignments etc in.

VSL: Vessel Viewer


Optional page that shows a live, interactive diagram of your vessel with the ability to manipulate right click menus and see resources, heat and engine status if you have vessel viewer installed.

Up/down to move the menu cursor, enter to make a selection or enter a sub-menu, back to go up one step in the menu.

Forum Thread:

UTL: Utilities menu


ENG: Engine Igniter

Optional page for the engine igniter plugin, lets you restrict your engines to having limited ignitions and applies a fuel penalty to re-igniting them.

Forum Thread:

AUTO: Autopilot


Optional Menu to control aspects of mechjeb's various autopilot controls including Smart A.S.S, Ascent Guidance, Land at Target/Land Somewhere, circularize etc.

Up/down to move the menu cursor, enter to make a selection or enter a sub-menu, back to go up one step in the menu.

Forum thread:

CAM: Camera menu


The camera menu, with helpful control labels, pick from a camera or camera set bellow.

INT: Internal cameras & EXT: External cameras




Lets you pick between the 2 internal cameras in each B9 cockpit and between up to 10 external RPM/JSI compatible camera parts.

Prev/Next to change camera, Left/Right/Up/Down to pan, Enter/Back to zoom, Home to reset pan.

The orange crosshair is in the center of your view, shows your neutral pan location.

DOCK: Docking camera


Shows a camera view centered on your refence docking port (set in TGT -> Reference part) if you set a docking port as your target (set in TGT -> Vessels -> Select vessel twice -> pick docking port) it will display a live video overlaid with the information needed to perform a docking, relative speed, position and rotation, allows you to dock from IVA

TGT: Target menu


Lets you pick your target, your reference part, see information about your target such upcoming intercepts, distance, relative inclination etc.

Push the 2 bottom right button to toggle views (Labeled)

Up/down to move the menu cursor, enter to make a selection or enter a sub-menu, back to go up one step in the menu.