CAWT : NPC Generator for Paizo Pathfinder RPG.

To compile it, you need OCaml >= 3.12, and the xml-light for OCaml library, qt4,
poppler, and podofo, as well as cmake. To install it on Debian-based systems :

# aptitude install ocaml ocaml-tools libxml-light-ocaml-dev libqt4-dev libpoppler-qt4-dev libpodofo-dev cmake

As we are using both cmake and ocamlbuild, whose cooperation is not always very
easy, and until we improve this cooperation, the compilation is in two steps.

First, you must create a build directory (you can choose any name you want)
and run cmake in it:

  mkdir build
  cd build
  cmake ..

If you want a debug build, run

  cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE:String=DEBUG ..

instead of the last line.

This step have to be done only once (unless you modify the CMakeLists.txt).

The compilation is now outsourced in the build directory, which will also
be the target for the executables, doc, etc.

You can use make -C to build from the main directory, e.g.: 

  make -C build # build cawt in the build directory
  make -C build doc # build cawt's documentation in the build directory
  make -C build clear # note the 'r' which is not an 'n'

An HTML documentation is *no longer* automatically generated in the doc/
directory. It is available here anyway :


Do not hesitate to send me e-mails if you find some bugs or if you don't manage
to compile the project : ddfontaines at gmail dot com.