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Project Window additions

  • shows file extensions (can be set to only show them when duplicate filenames are present)
  • shows a quick preview if you hold the mouse over an item
  • shows 'useful' tooltips

Hierarchy Window additions

  • shows icons for each component on the gameobject - click to enables/disable the component
  • shows lock icons - click to enable/disable the lock (this prevents editing in scene view or inspector)
  • shows a quick preview if you hold the mouse over a gameobject or one of it's components
  • shows 'useful' tooltips per gameobject and per component

Quick Assign

  • When you start dragging something, the hierarchy will highlight gameobjects which have variables of suitable types
  • Holding the dragged object over one of these will show a small window listing all the relevant variables from the gameobject
  • Just drop the object on one of the variables to quickly assign it without having to open the inspector
  • 7d6c8b0 Now supports dragging GameObjects onto variables that require one of their components (e.g. onto a Camera variable, if the dragged GameObject has a Camera)


  • There are some settings in Edit / Preferences / Enhancements
  • All (ok, most!) of the settings can be set to enable/disable themselves based on which combination of ctrl+alt+shift you are holding

Other things

  • Also allows you to unlock minimum window sizes in the Editor, so for example you can make the Hierarchy window much narrower than normal

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