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ExtraModMod is under heavy development, and as a result it is quite possible to find bugs in it. This page is meant to be a short guide for anyone who is interested on being able to provide more information along with bug reports.

INI configuration

Civilization IV allows to enable the generation of different files that can be very helpful in order to check why a certain bug happened. To enable them, you need to modify your CivilizationIV.ini file (usually found in the "C:\Users\(USERNAME)\Documents\My Games\Beyond the Sword" folder). The following values should be set from 0 to 1:

  • GenerateCrashDumps: Generates a dmp file when the game crashes to desktop. Very useful for debugging crash to desktop (CtD) errors.

  • LoggingEnabled: Allows the game to create logs. This is essential for reporting all kind of bugs.

  • SynchLog: Enables synchronization logging. These logs are very helpful for errors in multiplayer games.

  • OverwriteLogs: Logs are overwritten each time the game is restarted. This allows to discard old logs easily, but bear in mind that you should copy any logs related to an issue before you restart the game or they will be lost.

  • RandLog: Enables random event logging. These logs are very helpful for errors in multiplayer games.

Additionally, the following values should be set from 1 to 0:

  • HidePythonExceptions: Disabling this will allow to show python errors ingame.

When playing with beta builds, it is strongly advised to set the following option to 0:

  • FullScreen: Controls if the game will be shown on fullscreen or not. When playing with a build that will display Asserts (like ExtraModMod betas), it is better to put the game in a window as sometimes Assert windows will lock the game if it is in fullscreen.

When a player enables logging and logs into a multiplayer game, other players will get a message saying "Player X has logging enabled. Verify that this is a trusted player". I don't know why the game throws this warning (logging seems harmless to me) but if you are playing with more people they should be aware of why this message is being shown. Bear in mind that in order to debug OOS issues properly all players should enable logging.

Logs appear in the "C:\Users\(USERNAME)\Documents\My Games\Beyond the Sword\Logs" folder.

Reporting bugs

Bugs can be reported in either the Bug Tracker by creating a new issue and uploading all pertinent information, or directly at ExtraModMod's forum thread. In the following sections of this document you can find more information on how to report each kind of issue.

If you are unsure about which kind of issue you are experiencing (or it just does not fit into any of the types described below), just make a report including a description of the issue explaining what you think that went wrong along with any information you think that is relevant. Keep a backup of the "C:\Users(USERNAME)\Documents\My Games\Beyond the Sword\Logs" folder just in case any of them is relevant of the issue (you will be asked for specific files in that case).

Assert errors

Asserts are warnings that may be the cause of bugs. They are only shown when playing with beta versions. Assert errors can appear either when the game is being initialized or during a game, and they appear on popup windows that look like this:

Assert Error

It is possible for MapScripts to cause assert errors. These errors will happen during map generation or, in the case of using older versions of MapScriptTools, while the game is being initialized. In these cases, you can safely ignore the assert. In all other cases, assert errors should always be reported. It is usually enough information to copy the text inside of the assert error window and paste it on the bug report. If the error happened right after something specific was done, it is also helpful to know about it.

Python errors

When HidePythonExceptions is disabled, python errors are shown ingame in a popup like the one shown below:

Python Error

It is possible to get multiple popups on top of each other instead of a single one. In the case of a python error, it is better to provide the log files PythonDbg.log and specially PythonErr.log in the bug report than a screenshot of the error, but the screenshot itself should also be enough.

AI Errors

You may notice the AI doing something weird or just wrong. In this case, the bug report should include a description of what you consider wrong, what you expected, a screenshot showing the problem (or even better, a savegame) and the "BBAILog - (PLAYERNAME).log" file.

Crash to desktop (CtD)

When the whole game crashes, every log (the entire contents of "C:\Users(USERNAME)\Documents\My Games\Beyond the Sword\Logs") should be included in the bug report. If the game allows you to generate a crash dmp file, always select "generate a full dump" and attach it to the bug report too. dmp files appear after a CtD in the folder in which Civ4BeyondSword.exe is in. For complete editions of Civilization IV, this folder is: "C:\Program Files (x86)\2K Games\Firaxis Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 4 Complete\Beyond the Sword".

OOS errors

OOS errors happen only in multiplayer games. They are the hardest ones to reproduce and fix, and therefore any information about them is very welcome. OOS errors are very noticeable when they happen; all players will see a big notice announcing the OOS in red letters in the bottom part of their screen. To report an issue of this type, the SynchLog and the OOSLog of EACH PLAYER (called "SynchLog - (PLAYERNAME)" and "OOSLog - (PLAYERNAME) - Turn N.txt" respectively) are required. The "BBAILog - (PLAYERNAME).log" file should also be sent, if present, as OOS errors may sometimes be caused by errors in the logic of the AI code. An autosave from a few turns before is also very useful.