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KeePass Launcher is a tool designed to automatically launch your KeePass database
without any user intervention, find information about added features in the below
patch notes.

Download link:


KeePass database (.kdbx) file association already setup to use KeePass/KeePassXC.


Extract the .zip file to a location of your choice.
Run the KeePass Launcher.exe
Follow the displayed instructions regarding configuration and setup.


Support for password only, password & keyfile and keyfile only modes.
Credential encryption (now using AES-256)
Support for KeePass installation & portable KeePass.
Customisable locations for all relevant files (see generated config.ini at startup).

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KeePass Launcher.exe

MD5     : 39F48012 04D2ACFE 556F3E44 2C8610E5
SHA-1   : 29DD1925 F4155676 F6F7736A 0752F607 47A37F38
SHA-256 : 3CB8254C 024BDA48 FF9665C1 34295127 7F37F4DC
          C97BEAAA BDAF405E 342ECEBC
SHA-384 : A2C4B2A4 9D195050 8E6915BD 210A605E 4283A3CB
          C26BF745 6681E956 D1A06B5C AFCCD6AD E4EB61FE
          1E63197F DC236AAE
SHA-512 : 27E2FDC8 D9E52C0E 05825F63 747DA990 076D7E90
          2795D131 567ED0A6 69CA0F08 E93F5E3B F3C77C41
          99E1B2DE B15709A6 B4E99099 25374E88 B234BDB7
Size-64 : 00000000 0010C800

MD5     : DC5FEC73 DC9091F8 58E64F90 BC48728B
SHA-1   : 6694461A 6C9EA246 D395B86E 978AF818 92A1E776
SHA-256 : E9428C5F 1C6206FF 527CC703 6E9431D1 E6879D62
          D4D12E9B 34F2AD21 72BC0166
SHA-384 : D88360C2 5B9BB3CC 043B517C CEE012A6 47E54193
          7C8FEC81 35F587DE 3659ADCF EFF31531 5F6BB6D8
          AB450CF8 5F73EDC7
SHA-512 : 6D696309 E5EEAEAF FACF9ED8 163D9B3C BC56189C
          60B36B36 C2A4D89F EF214B7E CAA8E226 8A1E8C70
          128E1709 AE7FA489 A5D59605 F703B727 2322E93D
Size-64 : 00000000 000A243A

MD5     : 4BCCC782 B98D1F27 55D57E62 8FF7C440
SHA-1   : F75E96F1 71E025CD C15F99B7 7DC50DAF EA0DF6CA
SHA-256 : E41D5717 EBA6B252 AC54D70C 09C5D12E 8E7D393D
          6E13BEE1 DE8DE455 F412CFE1
SHA-384 : 7DEBE645 49477615 30C9E8A0 66EF897B FA7CCBAE
          482B0CA2 0C7451E4 5CFAE9D1 BC6F90DC 0834F3E4
          A9D58E99 2C17E38B
SHA-512 : F1D476E7 943F8C1E 0A263C58 1F283346 CEBC46CB
          FE8A0826 C239510A 10DD0300 92E51D80 4DD71023
          4EFFC493 8C862469 35A93558 4A6399AE 1AA8792A
Size-64 : 00000000 00004CF3