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KeePass Launcher is a tool designed to automatically launch your KeePass database
without any user intervention, find information about added features in the below
patch notes.

Download link:


KeePass database (.kdbx) file association already setup to use KeePass/KeePassXC.


Extract the .zip file to a location of your choice.
Run the KeePass Launcher.exe
Follow the displayed instructions regarding configuration and setup.


Support for password only, password & keyfile and keyfile only modes.
Credential encryption (now using AES-256)
Support for KeePass installation & portable KeePass.
Customisable locations for all relevant files (see generated config.ini at startup).

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KeePass Launcher.exe

MD5     : 167A4BAD A86416D4 3BA688DC 3A77CDF7
SHA-1   : 9F6ED658 B169FF9B 5EFBCA4F 767E2219 B5375838
SHA-256 : 4A7BC33A 4122BCD9 4CD92A7E 3C5980BD C6CCB7ED
          BD54B5A7 67DA984F C880F67B
SHA-384 : 0127B6D9 BB182261 A46B05B8 8A7960DE 68E0BC1F
          690B8A5B 8AE9A6F0 4225DBD7 C56B6E88 BA3BD433
          446BF1A7 D6AA8604
SHA-512 : 28D9B5A1 EE1A4FC5 6BB8EACE B7B589E5 45046CF3
          38C95C95 7ECAE068 5AF5A887 724AF09E ED4D31A5
          11658154 5E6C61DE E3395D8E 0D34B4FC 7A7072DB
Size-64 : 00000000 0010C800

MD5     : C45157E6 530AECDF E4C856CC D699AE89
SHA-1   : 24F673CA 1ED49C13 05BE6268 9B3A0298 32A03359
SHA-256 : EFB946C8 6F67C225 137BE425 079F3EAA 45C442FA
          E0B8AE0F B396B103 F7BDBB07
SHA-384 : AE4882A7 EB1B9612 FE23A5C7 297CA81B 2D9001D4
          30CF55DA 43844BB3 ADF6221C B9930A95 5311196C
          C728E2D8 02251B69
SHA-512 : 277232F3 05BBC7F4 CA3127E8 55D9C539 153EF619
          49E34C2F C93ED719 AAC1557B F055BA8B 50D65435
          252FBBED AE31E2E0 A93AA4F0 6C93FF3D A9572DF1
Size-64 : 00000000 000A6805

MD5     : D8365E22 81F0D917 2F72518E 6493528F
SHA-1   : 04349F40 2AFE8879 68D85774 3123CC87 A9DE55F9
SHA-256 : 83674864 0AF83DDC C5054E79 B218EE59 CDAD9059
          937F3FE2 28043B39 7B1DAD05
SHA-384 : 379C94BF 8BDF90D3 E98C9AFA 02ACF3F3 759BB9D4
          16F97E0F B38C579B 522ACDC4 6DDBE2D2 CB7D899C
          4D24FE7C 42E710C7
SHA-512 : D2C4AC1A 0ACA39F8 C7E9D507 479B4D10 5CB80111
          2804814A AD6117DA E7E688D8 7CBC8B2D FE83AD2C
          FCB2B30C 3D09C68C 9CD9332A D68B69B7 DE2C4351
Size-64 : 00000000 00004F49