Kobocoin [KOBO] - A micropayment system and digitial currency similar to Bitcoin. Kobocoin is optimised for mobile phone usage, and has an African heritage.

X15 PoW/PoS Coin (Proof of work then Proof of stake)

RPC Port: 3341

P2P Port: 9011

Algorithm: X15 POW/POS

Ticker: KOBO

PoS Starts on Block 43,200 ~30 days

Max PoW Coins: 43,200,000 KOBO (Actual: 23,500,000 KOBO after PoW)

Max Coins : 350,000,000

Timings of block (in seconds) : 60

Coins per Block : 1,000

PoS 10% Annual Interest

Max stake age : No max

Min stake age : 24 hrs

50 confirmations required for mined blocks

6 confirmations required for transactions

No premine