Atic Atac Mod

Atic Atac is a ZX Spectrum game published in 1983 by Ultimate Play the Game.

The game uses keys Q/W/E/R/T for the Left/Right/Down/Up/Fire actions, which some people find awkward to use.

This mod adds the ability to redefine your own keys.

It also add a convenience key to quit the current game. The quit key is not assigned or active until you redefine keys for the first time.

Tape Files

AticAtac-RedefineMod.z80 - DivMMC-friendly snapshot.
AticAtac-RedefineMod-MMC24.tap - Archie Robins' divMMC-friendly tap.


Modified Menu

Modified menu

Redefine Screen

Redefine screen

Confirming Keys

Confirming keys

Confirming Quit

Confirming quit


Install Zeus Z80 cross-assembler for Windows.

Open /src/main.asm, and click the Assemble Then Emulate button.


The copyright remains with Rare/Microsoft.

This mod was made as a non-commercial fan version, with thanks and respect to all the developers, publishers and rights holders.