Tim van der Linden  committed 115ab35

Fixed test-suite...damn

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File tests/run.scm

 ; Setup global string ports and server for testing
 (define input (open-input-string "some-string"))
 (define output (open-output-string))
-(define xbmc-conn (json-rpc-server input output testing: #t))
+(define xbmc-conn (json-rpc-server input output test-mode: #t))
 ; More tests have to be added...
 (test-group "Signal raise checks"

File xbmc-api.meta

 ((egg "xbmc-api.egg")
  (synopsis "Implementation of the JSON-RPC based API for XBMC")
  (category misc)
- (test-depends test json-rpc-client)
+ (test-depends test json-rpc)
  (license "BSD")
  (author "Tim van der Linden")