Esoteric IDE

Esoteric IDE is an interpreter and debugger for some esoteric programming languages (or esolangs).


  • Allows you to run code in any supported esolang
  • Allows you to set breakpoints
  • Allows you to debug through code step by step
  • Displays the execution state (program state) at every step (kinda like a watch window)
  • In some esolangs, displays information about the instruction the cursor is on

Supported Languages

In chronological order of implementation in Esoteric IDE:

  • Sclipting — Similar to GolfScript but using Chinese characters.
  • Ziim — 2D language using only arrows (← ↑ → ↓ etc.).
  • Brainfuck — The classic. Supports many different flavours, e.g. cells can be byte-size or arbitrary-size; output can be as numbers or as Unicode characters.
  • Quipu — Inspired by the ancient Inca’s quipu system of recording information as knots in a thread, thus also known as talking knots.

Most wanted implementations

Incomplete implementations

There are incomplete implementations for these included in the source. However, the C# project (the csproj file) does not include them, so the IDE doesn’t list them. You will have to include the files in the Esoteric IDE project and recompile it.