Giorgos Keramidas  committed 1e11e8b

test-patchbomb: sed -e may not work with extended regexps

Non-GNU versions of the sed(1) utility (i.e. on Solaris or BSD)
may not support extended regexps (i.e. including \| branches),
or may need a special option to enable it (like -E instead of -e).

Expand the sed RE in tests/test-patchbomb to fix running this
test on FreeBSD and Solaris.

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File tests/test-patchbomb

 hg commit -Amb -d '2 0'
 hg email --date '1970-1-1 0:2' -n -f quux -t foo -c bar -s test 0:tip | \
-  sed -e 's/\(Message-Id:.*@\|In-Reply-To:.*@\).*/\1/'
+  sed -e 's/\(Message-Id:.*@\).*/\1/' | \
+  sed -e 's/\(In-Reply-To:.*@\).*/\1/'