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 int main(int argc, char *argv[]) {
 	if (argc > 1) {
-                if(strcmp(argv[1], "-h")==0) {
+                if(strcmp(argv[1], "--help")==0) {
                         printf("adblockc by Tobias Westergaard Kjeldsen <>\n\n");
 			printf("\tYou can use the following options;\n");
                         printf("\t(Remember; root permissions are required!)\n");
-			printf("\t\t-h      See this help information.\n");
+			printf("\t\t--help      See this help information.\n");
                         printf("\t\t--providers-file   Specify a file containing provider URL's.\n");
 			printf("\t\t--providers-file-format	See an example of the format the provider file needs to by written in.\n\n");