Chicken Stratches

The following is what I like to call chicken stratches it is a rampling of ideas that probably will only make sence to me. This file will also be filled with grammer and spelling mistakes. So if you have questions just read the code and code comments.

off that, Tom


The Development Process

designing and layout

designing and layout will be done in the /mockups folder mockups will be written in the /mockups/haml folder and when a desired design is ready for impelementation the html output will be used to create the django templates as apposed to something like

the reason I won't compile strait to django templates from haml is because haml was not designed to compile into django templates and although you can create templates this way, it would ignore the abstraction and includes that will come latter in the development process

CSS Design Patterns

django config

Reference for all the things
Template Debugging Addon
Registration Copy from this as much as possible, but write own
Profiles Copy from this as much as possible, but write own

Move Ratings

Name/Branding Ideas

Allow people to rate movies, and use the RESTfull API to access their ratings and include them onto their own websites/applications.

Rating movies should leverage some API like IMDB to populate movie fields, if the movie is not found then the user can fill out the information themselves


Reviews can be limited to only clan members, or they can be available to the public.


  • email
  • alias (what people see)


  • group of users who watch and view movies togeather
  • could be similar to a meetup where you can organize members to meetup and watch movies togeather. Save places in line for movie premeirs. Share DVD's with eachother. Threaded messaging restricted to just clan members.
  • users can be members of multiple clans
  • should allow people with podcast or editorials to set up their idenity on the platform


-user or clan


-link to video [youtube, vimeo, mp3 file, html5 video]


-link to audio [mp3, youtube, soundcloud]


-support rst/md/html/plain-text


1-5, however the user can define what their scale means example allowing a bit of personalitly to each rating.

1 = Crap 2 = Seriously Bad 3 = Go rend this movie 4 = Maybe see this movie 5 = See this movie ASAP

1 = A giant pile of pooo 5 = I love this movie

Batch Review

-reviews -clan or user

  • optional: allow for video reviews/content
  • optional: auto reviews/podcasts
  • optional: text review
  • optional: 1-5 star rating

Should batch reviews to limmited to reviews "owned" by the user or clan, or could a user/clan put togeather other peoples reviews than give their insite on those reviews?

represent multiple movies being reviewed at one time by a user or a group. This might apply to a podcast that reviews a few different movies a week. This could apply to someone who is creating a top 10 list of the movies they saw that year.


-user or clan -movie (link to movie) -recommend this movie (y/n)

  • optional: allow for video reviews/content
  • optional: auto reviews/podcasts
  • optional: text review
  • optional: 1-5 star rating

Reviews should be generic, meaning they can apply to more than one movie. Reviews can be on behalf of a person or a clan

A reviewer might not want to give a movie a specific star, but istead express their opinion in the form of a well articulated review. Some people might not give a shit about taking the time to review a movie (we all have busy lives). Some reviwers might prefer to have video reviews of a movie. A group of people might like to get togeather and talk about a bunch of movies they just saw.


/account register/login

/account/id/ view profile /account/id/edit edit profile

/movie/review review form /movie/review/slug slug of group or user /movie/review/slug/1 redirects to slug if 1 /movie/review/slug/2 for more than one reivew by the same usr/group