BitBucket CLI

A command-line helper for BitBucket. This program is inspired Chris Wanstrath's wonderful github command-line program, and aims to expose a similar interface for BitBucket users.


bitbucket command [options]

Available Commands

clone username reponame

pull username reponame

create reponame


update username reponame

delete username reponame


-h, --help                        show this help message and exit
-u USERNAME, --username=USERNAME  your bitbucket username
-p PASSWORD, --password=PASSWORD  your bitbucket password
-o, --public                      make this repo public
-c, --private                     make this repo private
-P PROTOCOL, --protocol=PROTOCOL  which network protocol to use (https|ssh)


You can create a configuration file in ~/.bitbucket that follows the following format

username = <Your Username>
password = <Your Password>

scm = <'git' or 'hg'>
protocol = <'https' or 'ssh'>

It will provide default options which can be overridden on the command line.

For the clone, pull, and create-from-local commands, the scm will be detected from bitbucket or your local filesystem. Explicitly declaring the scm on the command line or from the user configuration will not override it.