Welcome to Skulltag!

Remember Doom? Skulltag makes it even better.

Skulltag is a port for the original Doom and Doom II by id Software.

Skulltag brings classic Doom into the 21st century, maintaining the essence of what has made Doom great for so many years and, at the same time, adding new features to modernize it, creating a fresh, fun new experience.

Here's why you should kill your time with Skulltag, versus vanilla Doom:

  • Excellent online play
    • Client/server architecture: play and switch between games with ease
    • Supports up to 32 players
      • Wide array of gameplay modes
      • Competitive: Team DM, Duel, CTF, Possession, LMS, Terminator, Skulltag
      • Cooperative: Survival, Invasion (or both!)
      • Modifiers, like Instagib and Buckshot, can be used to spice up any game.
  • Modern and beautiful
    • Choose between GZDoom's OpenGL renderer, or Doom Software
    • Useful features like a console, Quake-style key bindings, freelooking, and jumping
    • Full, enthusiastic support for ZDoom and GZDoom mods
    • Support for Heretic, Hexen, and Strife, as well as Linux/FreeBSD
  • Innovative new content
    • Announcers and skins for online play
    • Runes, new weapons, and new monsters for modders
    • 50 new, well designed stock maps for any game mode
    • Bots, and support for custom bots
  • So much more!


Skulltag itself is released under a 4-clause license based on the OSI-approved and GPL-compatible Sleepycat License, with the addition of the "No Endorsement" clause from the 3-clause New BSD License. Practically, this means that Skulltag source code is safe to use in either GPL or Doom Source License/Raven Source License/etc. source ports as long as the terms of the Skulltag license are satisfied.

The Skulltag license only covers Skulltag-specific code. Some source files contain additional notices of original copyright by their contributors.