Torr_Samaho  committed 07ff1da

[Dusk] Fixed: Medals weren't announced on spied players.

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File docs/Skulltag Version History.txt

 -	- Fixed: Accuracy/Precision medals are now properly given when using the Rocket Launcher, Grenade Launcher, or BFG10K. [MP2E, Torr Samaho]
 -	- Fixed problems with the LAN broadcast under Linux. [Koromix]
 -	- Fixed: Console icon would stick on a player's head if the server missed the packet to remove the icon. [TIHan]
+-	- Fixed: Medals weren't announced on spied players. [Dusk]
 !	- Changed F12 to allow spectators full spying, with the exception of during LMS if it's disabled. [Eruanna]
 !	- Changed F12 to allow full demo spying. [Eruanna]
 !	- Players aren't forced to spectate after a "changemap" map change on a server with a join password anymore. [Torr Samaho]

File src/medal.cpp

 	if ( g_MedalQueue[ulPlayer][0].ulTick == MEDAL_ICON_DURATION )
 		// Also, locally play the announcer sound associated with this medal.
-		if ( pPlayer - players == consoleplayer )
+		// [Dusk] Check coop spy too
+		if ( pPlayer->mo->CheckLocalView( consoleplayer ) )
 			if ( g_Medals[ulMedal].szAnnouncerEntry[0] )
 				ANNOUNCER_PlayEntry( cl_announcer, (const char *)g_Medals[ulMedal].szAnnouncerEntry );