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Torr_Samaho  committed 401f0c1

[Dusk] Fixed: Grenade explosion sound was not unlimited.

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File docs/Skulltag Version History.txt

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 -	- Fixed: Spectators were affected by the TimeFreezeSphere in competitive modes. [TIHan]
 -	- Fixed: When a non-spectator player disconnected his running CLIENTSIDE scripts were not terminated. [Torr Samaho]
 -	- Fixed: When a map reset was done while a PowerTimeFreezer was in effect, the sound was not resumed after the reset. [Torr Samaho]
+-	- Fixed: Grenade explosion sound was not unlimited. [Dusk]
 !	- Changed F12 to allow spectators full spying, with the exception of during LMS if it's disabled. [Eruanna]
 !	- Changed F12 to allow full demo spying. [Eruanna]
 !	- Players aren't forced to spectate after a "changemap" map change on a server with a join password anymore. [Torr Samaho]

File wadsrc/static/sndinfo.txt

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 $limit weapons/rocklx 0		// and the cyberdemon shoots 3 at once
 // [BC] Don't limit the number of BFG10K explosions we can hear.
 $limit weapons/bfg10kx 0
+// [Dusk] Neither do limit the grenade launcher explosions
+$limit weapons/grenlx 0