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Fixed: A_Wander could trigger an assertion failure if it tried to target a spectator.

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 		// [BB] The else block above possibly selects a spectating player. In that case
 		// don't try to move towards the spectator. This is not exactly the same as
 		// skipping spectators in the above loop, but should work well enough.
-		if ( (pr_newchasedir() & 1 || !P_CheckSight (actor, player))
-			&& player && player->player && ( player->player->bSpectating == false ) )
+		if ( player && (pr_newchasedir() & 1 || !P_CheckSight (actor, player))
+			&& player->player && ( player->player->bSpectating == false ) )
 			deltax = player->x - actor->x;
 			deltay = player->y - actor->y;
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