BootstraPHP v0.1.1

Demo: BootstraPHP


The idea is to use Bootstrap and PHP to build a framework of modules used for rapid development of web projects. Goals are to make it flexible (as in, useful in many senarios), responsive (as in RWD) and ensure it contains everything the modern website needs right out of the box.

There will be some components that aren’t needed but it is easy to remove what’s not required.

Please report bugs via the Github issue tracker or better still, fix them and send a pull request! Likewise if you have suggestions for improvement, use the issue tracker or send a pull request.

BootstraPHP is licenced under CC BY-SA 2.0 which means you are free to copy, distribute, hack, slice, make derivatives and even to make commercial use of it provided that you both credit Trippnology and release your work under a licence identical to this one.

Please be aware that some of the components of BootstraPHP are covered by different licenses which are listed below.

What’s included







  • template-blank.php Just the bare minimum.
  • template-contact.php A sample contact page with microdata and a Google map popup.

Page Blocks:

  • navbar.php Top navigation menu.
  • menu-vert.php Vertical navigation menu.
  • sidebar.php Reusable sidebar content.
  • footer.php Copyright info and social links.
  • share.php Social buttons.
  • dev.php Useful development tools (remove for production).


  • Convert IDs to classes where practical
  • Add short URL option
  • Add Fancybox demo
  • Add 3D rollover demo