Please consider a setting to turn of the colour picker

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(Related to the request to turn off the number spinner: )

The colour picker can get in the way as it interrupts the selection mechanism making it difficult to select the colour used in, say, a fill to use again elsewhere in the code. In addition, if one is using variables to store colours then there is no value in having the picker available at point of use (though there can be at point of definition).

So I would like the ability to turn it off in some settings, either on a per-project or global basis (as with the proposal for the number spinner).

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  1. simeon

    It seems the number spinners were the main issue. Marking this as wontfix - feel free to change this, Andrew, if you feel strongly about it.

  2. Loop Space reporter
    • changed version to 1.3


    The main issue here is that it is difficult to select what is between the brackets with, say, a fill(someLongVariableName) command. Now that we can put arbitrary images in the sprite command, that also suffers from this "feature".

    How about, instead of turning off the colour picker, sprite picker, (and also, I guess, font picker) that invoking the picker also selects the text. So then cancelling the picker leaves one with the text selected for either easy deletion or easy copying.

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