gamecenter.submitScore or showLeaderboard with specific leaderboard ID produces very strange behavior

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Issue #393 new
Oliver Dew created an issue

gamecenter.submitScore and gamecenter.showLeaderboard without a specific leaderboard ID (ie just using the default leaderboard) work fine.

But, when adding a leaderboard ID, very strange behaviour occurs, even if the functions aren't called (ie commenting and uncommenting the lines is enough to produce the error).

The error is that setup(), and possibly other functions, cannot call functions that are in tabs to their right/below (as defined by the buffer order in Info.plist)

I wonder whether this is connected to the unused variable 'weakSelf' warning/error that the gamecenter addon throws for line 160, which is inside the showLeaderboardWithID function:

- (void) showLeaderboardWithID:(NSString *)leaderboardID
    __weak __typeof(&*self)weakSelf = self;

discussion here:

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