• Install Sitecore into webroot folder using ucommerce-sitecore.local as hostname
  • Make sure that the DB user has write acecss to the web database
  • Install uCommerce and uCommerce sample data
  • Build solution

Unicorn is used to serialize Sitecore items to disk

The following trees are synchronized

  • /sitecore/content/DemoStore
  • /sitecore/layout/layouts/DemoStore
  • /sitecore/layout/sublayouts/DemoStore
  • /sitecore/templates/user defined/DemoStore

To update Sitecore with content from disk execute http://ucommerce-sitecore.local/sitecore%20modules/shell/unicorn/sync-database.aspx

After each pull/update from source control execute sync-database.aspx again

The solution contains two separate projects.

The uCommerce.DemoStore project contains the actual Demo Store. This is the project you can use a basis for your own shop.

The uCommerce.DemoStore.Installer project contains the code needed to generate the install package for the Demo Store.
It is not directly related to the Demo Store, but it does contain code showing how to use the uCommerce API's for generating uCommerce content.

  • Pushing files to the Website during development of a store.

You can add the following line to your Post Build Step on successful builds:

Powershell.exe -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -file "$(SolutionDir)..\tools\Deploy\Deploy.To.Local.Website.ps1"

Remember to modify the path in the "DeployDemoStoreToLocalWebsite.ps1" file, to match your own environment.