Welcome to the uCommerce Razor Demo Store

This is the first release and is still in very active development so please be careful if you plan to install it on an existing uCommerce installation please back up first!

Folder Overview

Below is a quick overview of the important folders

  • lib - the folder which includes the various references we use
  • package - the location of the build package
  • src - where the magic is
    • uCommerce.RazorStore - All the files for the Razor Store (this is where you will need to spend most of your time)
    • UCommerce.RazorStore.Installer - All the logic we use to build the package and store programattically. The place to look if you're interested in learning more about using the uCommerce API
  • tools - the various build scripts and tools we need to make the package

Installation Instructions

The install process should now be completely automatic! Just in case you have a previous release -or it doesn't for you, the manual steps you (used) to have to do are at the end of this readme.

What's Inside?


We've based the store's code on the Twitter Bootstrap framework with a couple of additional styles to layout some of the more specific aspects of the store. All customisations are stored in separate folders to make it really clear where we've made changes.

  • Complete product catalogue -including example custom product definitions
  • Support for Rich Text Snippets to give your products the best chance in the search engines
  • Example Razor Helper scripts to make it easier for you to manage your store
  • Complete checkout process
  • Basic search functionality
  • Order confirmation email
  • Example uses of the new uCommerce JavaScript API
  • Rating and review system
  • Custom Umbraco document types, master pages and content
  • Example pipeline that emails customers their password at checkout (How To: Create an Umbraco member and email the customer their password at checkout using uCommerce)
  • ...and more!


The installer contains a load of examples on how to use the uCommerce API to create:

  • Product Catalogs and Groups
  • Price Groups
  • Shipping Methods
  • Payment Methods
  • Categories
  • Products
  • Umbraco media -and joining it to a product
  • ...and more!

How Do I Build The Package?

We've popped a copy of the latest version of the package ready to go for you into the packages folder but if you want to customise the store in anyway it's really easy. If you're using Visual Studio you just need to build and everything will be built for you automatically!

If you're not using Visual Studio, we're working on a solution for you at the moment but you can use the DemoStoreDeploy.cmd script currently stored in the \tools\Deploy folder (you may need to update the paths).

To use the DemoStoreDeploy.cmd script, just open a command prompt, go to directory to the {project root}\tools\deploy folder, and run the DemoStoreDeploy.cmd


cd: D:\uCommerce Razor Store\tools\deploy

After the script runs, you will recieve a message saying:

"Package saved to package\"

..and your package is ready to be installed, through the Developer section of Umbraco's backoffice.

Thanks to Visual Studio's integration with NPM, node packages get installed automatically as well, when building the project, just like nuget packages do, however if you are not using Visual Studio, you can still run the 'npm install' command from command prompt.

What's Next?

That's largely up to you. This project has been made completely Open Source under the standard Umbraco MIT License so feel free to fork and adapt it to your heart's content. If you've done something cool then make a pull request.

We've already got a few extensions in the works for you including:

  • Basic stock management
  • Search auto-complete which displays the product in the list
  • Introduction on how to theme the store
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Example login

Keep In Touch

Don't forget to let us know what you're up to.

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Known Issues

We beleive we've managed to iron all the issues that have been reported so if you spot anything let us know!

Previous Installation Process

  1. Update /umbraco/ucommerce/configuration/core.config and if it's missing add the following node: <component id="ServiceStackApi" service="uCommerce.RazorStore.ServiceStack.AppHost, uCommerce.RazorStore" type="uCommerce.RazorStore.ServiceStack.AppHost, uCommerce.RazorStore" lifestyle="Singleton"/> just before the closing components node
  2. Update /config/UrlRewriting.config and alter the destinationUrl for the following rewrites (Thanks to @MartinBakmand for spotting this one):
    1. DefaultCategoryProductRewrite: ~/catalog/product.aspx?catalog=$2&amp;category=$3&amp;product=$4
    2. DefaultProductRewrite: ~/catalog/product.aspx?catalog=$2&amp;product=$3
    3. DefaultCategoryRewrite: ~/catalog.aspx?catalog=$2&amp;category=$3
    4. DefaultCatalogRewrite: ~/catalog.aspx?catalog=$2
  3. Edit your web.config file and make the following changes:
    1. Ensure you have "~/ucommerceapi/" in the list of reserved paths (appSettings --> umbracoReservedPaths)
    2. Add the ucommerceapi location node to the end of your web.config just before the closing configuration tag (check the web.config file in the root of the uCommerce.RazorStore folder)


  • It's better to use product.ProductDefinition.IsProductFamily() when checking if the product is a product or a variant.