Meet Django

Meet Django is an attempt to create super easy way to install and test out Django on Mac OS X.


The Web is full of "Howto Install Django on Snow Leopard" kind of howtos. Problem with them, though, is that they are just too complicated or lacking for mere mortals. Also, after the "It works!"-screen there are few up-to-date starting points for learning the important, interesting and fun parts of Django.

The idea for this project is to provide a very easy installer script that installs basic Django environment and lets the user get to see and feel Django with minimal fuss.

The main audience for this app is Web developers with little or no experience with Python and Linux/Unix who are interested in learning modern Web development, especially something else than Drupal or Rails.


  1. Installation should be super simple. Preferably a oneliner.
  2. Installation should be possible on vanilla OS X.
  3. Some magic is allowed if it makes things easier for the user.
  4. Python is awesome! The whole app should be Python.
  5. The meat of this app should be 50% code and 50% documentation.

What does version 0.1 do?

  1. To launch the first installer user would do something like curl | python

  2. This would then

    1. download and install virtualenv + pip
    2. activate virtualenv
    3. install django into the new virtualenv
    4. download a checkout of a demo project repository
    5. run demoproject
    6. fire up a browser

Demoproject could contain one or more apps doing something interesting. Django-admin should be installed and, for example, django-debug-toolbar too. The first hello screen should have links to project documentation which would have a basic tutorial for new users. Tutorial could have different parts for different intrests like designers, backend-developers, PHP-coders, etc.

Also important: this should be easy to delete cleanly and permanently.

Questions That Need Answers

Q: Why Mac OS X?
A: It's a place to start. Secondly because I believe many or maybe even most of the potential people using this app use Macs. Thirdly, I don't know enough scripting on Windows to do anything like this (nor would I like to learn). People using Linux/Unix don't need super easy automatic installers.
Q: You're doing X wrong.
Maybe. If you know how to do it better (while keeping things easy), let me know. Patches welcome! :)