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Quick Q & A

Is this tool in production?

AssetGraph is currently an experimental feature. However if you find the tool useful, please give a try and let us hear what you think.

Which version of Unity should I use?

It works in Unity 5.6.2f1 or higher. 2017.1 or higher recommended.

What is the newest version of the tool?

You can check out past release of the tool in following page.

Why did the tool get renamed?

The tool was named AssetBundleGraphTool until v1.3, but the tool has evolved to be useful for general asset workflows and not only for asset bundles, so the team decided to rename the project.

What license is the AssetGraph shipped under?

AssetGraph is released under an MIT/X11 license; see the LICENSE file. This means that you pretty much can customize and embed it in any software under any license without any other constraints than preserving the copyright and license information while adding your own copyright and license information. You can keep the source to yourself or share your customized version under the same MIT license or a compatible license. If you want to contribute patches back, please keep it under the unmodified MIT license so it can be integrated in future versions and shared under the same license.

Where can I see the current progress of development?

AssetGraph development todo is managed in Trello. You can check out the trello board from below:

Can I mix this tool with current inspector-based asset bundle build settings?

Yes. AssetGraph does not change assetBundle settings of existing assets unless you configure to do so.

Where is the example I can find?

You can find "Examples" folder in AssetGraph. If you doubleclick the unitypackage inside, examples will be imported to your project.

Can I use this with command line?

You can create command line tool by selecting Menu>Window>AssetGraph>Create CUI Tool. Tool will be generated under Assets/AssetGraph/Editor/Generated/CUI.

After creating command line tool, you can build your asset bundle like this:

$> sh -e -target WebGL MyGraphNameToRun

To specify target, use -target argument with target name. Acceptable target name matches to BuildTarget.

When building asset bundles with AssetGraph, Unity keep asking me if I want to save files. How can I turn this off?

You can turn it off from Preference Window by unchecking "Verify Saving Assets".